Mapping the pushback against U.S. coronavirus lockdowns

A state-by-state look at Covid-19 cases (data by The New York Times), protests, the economic toll on states with demonstrations, and other bits of information that may help explain the varying reactions in rural vs. urban areas.

As more and more Americans gather publicly (while standing too closely, without masks, and full of self-righteous anger) in protest against state lockdowns, I’d like to see whether there are any correlations that can be made between these demonstrations and the number of state coronavirus cases, economic fallout, and the politics of each state (so red state/blue state mapping hopefully TK).

I’d also like to add a layer that shows spread of the disease over time—it’d be interesting to note whether states that are only now picking up more cases are the ones in which people feel their quarantines are unnecessarily burdensome. Most of all, I hope to add a layer showing what kind of help or promises thereof the federal government has given each state (and, track of course, whether that aligns with which governors Trump considers “grateful”).

As you can tell, I have work to do (many more protests and facts to input, photos to insert)—what you see here is the product of only part of one sleepless night so far. In good news, there are plenty of those in my future if the coronapast is coronaprologue. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to give me a hand with any aspect of this project. 

Thanks. And stay healthy.

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