Welcome to your life as a writer during outbreak.

Where were you when you first realized life as you’ve known it has changed? What’s new, different, frightening, soothing in these days of coronavirus? Journalists, writers, tell us what you see, smell, hear, think, feel. What tint has your world and the worlds of those around you taken on as your city slows or halts?

Equally important: What do you not see? What is the silence like where you are? Is it a gray absence or does it fizz like an electric current?

We are alive in the time of pandemic, and nothing will be the same from here. Your job right now is to make a record—help us create a living space for history as it happens.

All you have to do is what you do best. And then submit it here. All entries (short / long / photographic / etc.) will be posted on approval. Maybe we’ll have some edits (but you’re used to that). 

Thank you for what you do. 

— Lauren Wolfe

All tech credit goes to Leigh Honeywell.

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(Typewriter photo: thanks to Marcin Wichary, who is writing a book about keyboards)