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Sick and dirty

While doing some climate change research this morning, I came across a Harvard study published at the beginning of April. It’s full of galling news, especially when you consider the political environment that is currently wreaking havoc on our environment environment. Here is a tiny tweetstorm about the intersection of the pandemic and pollution.

Mapping the pushback against U.S. coronavirus lockdowns

A state-by-state look at Covid-19 cases (data by The New York Times), protests, the economic toll on states with demonstrations, and other bits of information that may help explain the varying reactions in rural vs. urban areas. As more and more Americans gather publicly (while standing too closely, without masks, and full of self-righteous anger) … More

Psst…the mask black market approaches me

I received a Facebook message today from someone named Ada, via a profile named “Lutor Lex.” I was sitting on my somewhat uncomfortable teal couch while my massive chocolate Labrador, Moose, stared at me. That’s what he does—he stares. Like everyone in New York City and many throughout the country, I was staying home, doing … More